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We don’t make our customers wait! Fill in the application on the homepage or call the information phone no. and get an offer within one day.


For each transaction, we prepare an individual offer objectively assessing the value of the forest property stock and land.


Funding is available for up to 90% of the value of the property, which can be covered by timber delivery, improving your company’s cash flow.


Financing for loggers

Financing intended to improve the cash flow of loggers, as well as for the purchase of forest properties and felling areas.

Log and saw material invoice financing

The financing operates similar to factoring. In other words, on the date of the sale of timber, you will receive100% payment for the transaction. Loan security is provided in the form of a timber sales agreement with one of our accepted round log buyers.

Financing for brokers

We finance entrepreneurs that provide intermediary and brokers’ services for sale of land for use in forestry and agriculture, as well as felling areas and other land.

Financing for forest owners

We provide financing for forest owners for forest management jobs, purchase of machinery, implementation of EU fund projects, as well as other types of forestry investment projects. In assessing an application for financing, we consider the borrower’s needs, financial data and other indicators, in order to reach a decision on the amount of financing to be granted.

Purchase of forest property

We buy forest properties throughout Latvia. Thanks to efficient resource management and our experience in the forestry sector – we offer our customers and business partners competitive prices.

Purchase of felled timber

We buy felling areas throughout Latvia. We guarantee our customers and business partners competitive prices, fast review and preparation of offers.



*Each transaction is reviewed individually.

*Offer valid for legal entities.

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